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This is a specially designed product for the informal sector who constitutes majority of the working populates and are willing to voluntary contributes periodically towards their old age which the tradition pension scheme has failed to consider.

•    Initial deposit of GHS 10.00
•    Age requirement: 18-59 years
•    Voluntary contribution (Amount not fixed, can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
•    No withdrawals except for emergency situation

•    A member who attains the retirement age (60 years or above) is entitled to the entire accrued savings and its interest in a lump sum or the accrued savings be spread monthly as agreed by the beneficiary.
•    On the death of a member before or after the retirement age, the accrued benefit of the member devolves on the member’s nominated beneficiaries.
•    Provide benefits that will ensure retirement income security for informal sector workers
•    Serve as a source of livelihood promotion for informal sector workers
•    A member can use his/her contributions as partial collateral to secure credit from the bank

FDA is an investment product for the customer with a longer investment time horizon. It is an investment of a fixed amount for a fixed period i.e. 30, 91, 182 or 365 days and at a predetermined fixed interest rate.

•    It enables the Account Holder to earn a higher rate of interest on their surplus funds (extra money).
•    Automatic rollover option on maturity.
•    Withdrawals are not allowed. However, in case of emergency, KRB can allow customers to close the fixed account prior to maturity date with some small charges from the interest payable as on that date.

•    It encourages savings habit for a longer period of time.
•    It enables the depositor to earn a high interest.
•    Can invest as much as possible
•    Can be pledged as security for any borrowing

Efie ne fie account is a specially designed account which enables Ghanaians living abroad (especially those living in Libya) or for those living outside their hometown to control their finances back home. This account must be operated by individuals in their personal capacity.

•    Deposits are made in the account through MONEYGRAM / WESTERN UNION, money transfer, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer, Apexlink Transfers etc. 
•    Specially designed mandate/ questionnaire must be completed by the applicant or on his/her behalf.

•    Competitive interest is calculated on daily basis and credited monthly on a specific balance
•    A secure way of saving whiles working or seeking greener pastures away from home
•    Ability to meet unexpected family commitments whiles living or working outside your hometown

This account gives low income customers the opportunity to accumulate some savings for their children education or net worth customers with excess monies they want to set aside for their children.
Customers are assured of adequate financial package for the child in case the parent/guardian dies or become permanently disabled.

•    A minimum amount of GHS 10.00 is required to open an account
•    Unlimited number of deposits.
•    Any withdrawal by the guardian, before six months of account operation, shall attract a fee of GHS 10.00 per transaction.
•    Beneficiary of the Mmofra Mpontuo Account should be a minor (less than 18 years of age)
•    The account would be held in trust for the minor by the guardian
•    On attainment of 18+ years, the guardian could write to indicate the handing over of the account to the beneficiary.
•    No bank charges and account maintenance fee
•    Entitled to one coupon to qualify the child for yearly educational scholarship draw for every GHS 200.00 deposited in the account

•    Interest payable on minimum balance of GHS 50.00
•    Savings can be used as security to apply for loans from the bank
•    The account attracts a higher interest
•    A chance to participate in a one year education scholarship by the child

This is a savings product for customers who do not have time to come to the bank. It gives such customers a flexibility to save with us through the banks’ mobile banking staff who walks to your doorsteps to collect your daily savings

•    Minimum daily contribution of GHS 1.00
•    No restrictions on withdrawals
•    Savings passbook is issued to customers

•    Opportunity to access our loan products
•    Free statement are given upon request
•    Secured way of savings

•    Minimum of GHS 5.00 to open account
•    No monthly charges
•    Competitive interest rate
•    Unlimited number of cash withdrawals
•    Savings passbook is issue to customers

•    Statement of account are given upon request
•    Savings can be used as security to apply for loans from the bank
•    Interest calculated on daily basis and credited monthly

This account can be opened in individual or joint names.

•    No minimum account opening balances.
•    No restrictions on the number of withdrawals.
•    Free monthly statement
•    Moderate C O T is charged monthly
•    S M S alert of transactions in customers account

•    Easy Access to Bank Credit Facilities
•    Fully networked and efficient banking services
•    Access to financial information
•    Instant Statements of account upon request

About us

Kintampo Rural Bank Limited (K R B) was incorporated on October 28, 1978 and issued with a Certificate to Commence Business and  Banking License under the Banking ACT 1970 (ACT 239) on July 15, 1980 and January 10,1984 respectively.  The bank was the first Rural Bank to be established in the Brong Ahafo and Northern parts and seventh (7th) in the Country.  [Read more.. ]

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